Gift of Sponsorship
Why not give the “Gift of Sponsorship”
Sponsor a Child for Summer Camp 2008                        €400.00
(This pays for all flights and travel expenses
for a child from Belarus to Ireland)
Sponsor an activity day for Summer Camp 2008                    €300.00
(This covers the costs of a day of activity for the
twelve children during their stay in Ireland)
Sponsor Sports Equipment                          €150.00
(This covers the cost of sports equipment, i.e.
balls, mats, nets, etc. for a school)
Sponsor Educational Equipment                      €100.00
(This covers the cost of educational aids, i.e. books,
numbers, letters, posters, copies, etc. for a school)
Sponsor a school desk for a child                            €80.00
(This covers a school desk and chair for a child,
where the school receives no government aid)
Sponsor winter clothing for a child                            €50.00
(This covers winter shoes, jackets and clothing
for a child, to get them through the harsh winter)
Sponsor an activity day (per child)                            €25.00
(This covers the costs of a day of activity for the
a child during their stay in Ireland)
Toiletries                                            €15.00
(This gift covers essential toiletries for a child
i.e. Toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo, etc.)
Each “Gift of Sponsorship” receives an official “Gift Certificate” from Tramore Chernobyl Children’s Holiday Fund.
To avail of a “Gift of Sponsorship”, simply contact Tom on 087 2919910 or email us: